As the ABA (Australian Battodo Association Inc.) and IBF (International Battodo Federation) both teach the same curriculum, why are they not affiliated?

When Nakamura sensei, president of the IBF, established the Sei-Do-Kan dojo at the Sydney School of Japanese Swordsmanship he never intended it to be part of said federation.
What ever sensei's reasons at the time.... we will never know.










When searching the Internet there are two australianbattodoassociations pointing to two different dojos. How come?

The ABA Australian Battodo Association was  incorporated in NSW in 2006 to promote Toyama - & Nakamura Ryu Battodo as well as Nakamura sensei's Sei-Do-Kan dojo, established in 2001.

And yes, there is an other IBF affiliated
Nakamura Ryu - Australian Battod Association with its Kuroyama dojo (established in 2016) here in Sydney; also using  australianbattodoassociation , but with its hosting-server based in the United States.

Both are legitimate dojos teaching the full Toyama & Nakamura Ryu Battodo curriculum.




Who has the authority to grade and, will different associations/federations accept each others ranks?

Individuals who hold a licence (shogo title) of renshi-, kyoshi- or hanshi have the authority to grade up to one grade below their own dan-grade

Individuals without such a licence (shogo title) can only grade up to two ranks below their own dan-grade held.

Belonging to an association or federation, individuals   have to comply with the organization's constitution and grading-regulations: clearly defining each grading process.
In most cases it's up to each organization to accept or reject a new member's ranking received outside their jurisdiction.

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 Syncronized target cutting
Ben Chow 5th-dan & Hans Fricke kyoshi

bayonet v sword.
Juken- Abraham Sie 3rd dan v katana- Ben Chow 5th-dan.